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Systemic (Family) Constellations│Coaching│Energy healing

Stephanie Gailing, MS

Astrologer and Wellness Consultant

My session with Norina was nothing short of magical. In it, we were able to access insights and healing for an issue I have been working through for decades, one that I had previously not been able to find adequate resolution for. My orientation to life and my way of being has shifted very deeply, and I am extremely grateful to her for the work she did with me. It was life changing.

About Norina

Norina is a coach, family constellations facilitator and energy healer of Filipino and British descent. She has more than 15 years experience supporting individuals to flourish in work, health, purpose and creativity -from people in the prison system to artists, writers, charity fund directors and corporate executives.

She is a woman unafraid of the dark, yet deeply rooted in light and life. With a personal ancestral history that includes war, famine, colonisers and the vengeful oppressed, she knows what it asks of our soul to agree to what is, and to receive the fullness of life with all its gifts while laying to rest what is no longer ours to carry. As a result, she holds the capacity to accompany clients as they navigate complex intergenerational matters; all the while, maintaining a lightness of touch that comes with holding a deep trust in the Divine. 


With a mind trained to a Masters Degree level in Philosophy, combined with nearly two decades of personal spiritual practice, Norina brings focused, perceptive insight that goes straight to the heart of the matter; facilitating lasting, radical and life changing effects. 

Norina's trainings include:  Family Constellations Therapy (CSC), Narrative Therapy, Clean Language, Resonant Attention (Stella Eisenstein), and Olivier Mythodrama. Her personal healing path has also been supported by Homeopathy, Christianity, Shamanism and the Latihan practice of Subud. 

Norina lives in Forest Row, East Sussex together with her husband, Laurence Shorter, and their three young children.

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