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About Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a profound and highly unique technique that reveals the soul's perspective of an issue. It can be applied to creative projects, family dysfunction, workplace dynamics, health troubles and more. The facilitator guides the client through an initial interview process to discern the key elements of the issue, before creating a dynamic map or 'constellation' using different representatives. 

As the constellation unfolds, the facilitator offers short, concise sentences to be spoken by the representatives or the client, to reveal hidden truths and thus bring movement, healing and insight to the problem. In group workshops, other attendees are invited to stand as representatives in service of the client's process. In one to one work, the client chooses objects, or visualises the map with guidance from the facilitator.

Family Constellations work is sometimes described as 'the shortest of short term therapy'; and is therefore more of a one time 'key' to help open new avenues for healing, or unlock insights that can lead to movement. For issues requiring ongoing support, such as complex trauma, therapy is also strongly recommended.

1:1 Work

One to one sessions are available via Zoom or in person at The Anderida Practice in Forest Row, East Sussex.

Group workshops

Sign up for the next online or in person Family Constellations workshop on the 'Events' page. To organise a bespoke workshop in service of your team or organisation, contact me directly.

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