"The Crown"


A beautiful remedy full of the Daffodil's spring joy; this flower connects you to your inner 'I' that stands sovereign at the centre of your being. The daffodil is also a flower of tribe and belonging; see how it stands tall with a multitude of others who also bathe in the light. Likewise, this flower supports you in connecting with your true 'light tribe'; those who will really help you to shine and find your true expression.


This essence was made on Mother's Day, following the New Moon of March which also marked the beginning of the 'month of the ancestors' in the Islamic calendar. It therefore carries these resonances within it too, so would support anyone seeking to reconnect with Sacred Mother energy or heal a Mother wound, and invite in the support of any Ancestors who are part of your 'light tribe'.


Also available as a homeopathic remedy in 1(x), 2(x) or 3(x) dosage.

Daffodil Flower Essence