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Coming back to the centre

Approach and philosophy

I have absolute faith that every experience is purposeful and contains potential for growth and flourishing. This means that I view any presenting ailment, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, as a positive opportunity to unlock new, life giving information, rather than something 'wrong' that needs to be fixed.

I take you to be the one who holds all the wisdom and resources you need in order to move forward into your most luminous future; and so all my techniques share the same design of supporting your connection with your most centred and knowing self. Once you're there, you always get the answers you need!

Gift and service

My sessions can take the form of:


Coaching - to assist with major life decisions, transitions, and career choices

Healing - to attend to an area of physical, spiritual or psychological need

and can include one or more of the following techniques:

Systemic constellations

Clean language

Prayer and ritual

Ancestor blessings

Somatic presencing

Energy healing

As for payment, I believe in the principles of 'gift economy', which means that I want you to pay a fee that feels good and right; or to feel free to simply give back (or forward!) in another way that feels creative and ideally exciting to you.

Therefore, I no longer have a set fee for my services, but you have the option to send me a donation on my 'bookings' page :-)

My essences and remedies, on the other hand, do have prices to reflect the cost of ingredients and labour. But you are still welcome to contact me directly to offer another form of exchange!

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“Norina is a deep listener and intuitive guide whose work I highly value. She has an uncanny ability to dive deep and divine profound and meaningful insights.”

— Simon Confino, Founder of We-Q Collaborative Intelligence

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