Coming back to the centre

Approach and philosophy

My practice engages with the inner resources and personal wisdom of the client, and follows the premise that every experience is purposeful and contains potential for growth and flourishing. This means that any presenting ailment, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, is understood to be a positive opportunity to unlock new, life giving information, rather than something 'wrong' that needs to be fixed.

My aim is, as much as possible, for you to be active participant in your healing journey, and for any insights to come from your own sources of knowing and understanding. Each of my techniques are therefore designed to support your connection with what you already know, and the gifts you already have, to move towards greater flourishing and well being.


Norina Shorter

Norina is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with over 10 years experience supporting a vast variety of people on their journeys toward healing and flourishing -from people in the prison system to artists, writers, charity fund directors and corporate executives. She uses a range of therapeutic and healing techniques to support her clients to return to a state of alignment with their own soul wisdom and guidance.

Along with a Master's degree in Philosophy, Norina's qualifications and trainings include: Systemic Constellations; Narrative Therapy; Clean Language; Archetypes at Work (Olivier Mythodrama); and Reiki healing. Much of what she offers in her practice is an intuitive blend of these techniques, combined with a variety of healing methods she has learned along the way. As a result, you may find that her sessions contain elements you haven't come across before in other practitioners and spiritual healers.


“Norina is a deep listener and intuitive guide whose work I highly value. She has an uncanny ability to dive deep and divine profound and meaningful insights.”

— Simon Confino, Founder of We-Q Collaborative Intelligence

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